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Welcome to Froxt!

Hey there and welcome to Froxt, the world’s leading app development platform powering over 5 million mobile apps for developers and organizations.

To help you get started, we’created some articles that will take you through the foundation of everything you need to know.If you go through all of the articles in this series we guarantee by the end of it, you’ll be a pro!


Please be sure to read the Important Update Notes before you update:

We are always proactive in preventing security issues, however nobody can assume they will never come up. This is why we highly recommend to stay up to date with each new product version and SDK.

What's New...

This year’s big update was the release of our new product: Web Apps, and as you know, here at Froxt we strongly believe that PWA’s are about to revolutionize the way we use both mobile and web.

We are committed to giving you the opportunity to enjoy today what everyone will be snatching up tomorrow, which is focused strongly on developments specific to PWA’s over the past few months.


Our developer teams have worked hard to bring you a feature that will literally change the way we see web applications: push notifications for the web.

It is now possible to send push notifications directly in your users’ web browsers. This feature is supported by the majority of recent browsers and the list is growing every day. Additionally, you have the option to schedule your notifications and target your users.

In other news, it is also now possible to send notifications via SMS with Froxt. SMS notifications is a new add-on available in the add-ons catalogue. Once installed, you are able to notify your Progressive Web App users via SMS.